1. One Way Ticket

From the recording The Falling Hazzard Demos


I’m obsessed, with this girl I just met I’m a wreck
cause she just left for home on a jet
I’m all over the place, I'm trying to keep myself in check

I wanna be the one to take her far away, someplace she’s never been
And if she's gone around the world well we would see it again
Even if she’s done it all there's, no way I can let this stall

Was it a one way ticket
Or will you come around?
I don’t wanna miss it
In case you’re back in town.

Is it true? You don’t have a boy or a boo?
I’ve got nothing to lose except too much time
I’m spending fantasizing ‘bout using all my miles for you

Fuck it ima book a flight tonight’s the night I'llmake it right
I'll be in the sky, flyin high, it's worth it if you say you’ll be mine
It aint cheap but I’m playing for keeps, so baby I think it's about time I get my

One way ticket
I’m sicka hanging around!
I don’t wanna miss it
My chance to get outta town.

At the gate I’m hearin’ someone yellin’ my name.
I turn around, it’s you saying “wait”
But before another word I couldn’t help myself but say

I wanna be the one to take you far away someplace you never been
I know you've gone around the world but we could see it again
Even though you’ve done everything, would you do it all again with me?

We got our one way tickets
Taking off from ground.
We wont ever miss it
No need to come back down!